Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunshine Rain

I always think it looks so bizarre when it's absolutely pouring down rain but the sun is shining. When I went out last night to take care of Val, I was feeding him an apple when it just started pouring, but I could see the bright sun reflecting off the covering of the hitching post for the lesson kids. Very strange.

Because of the homework, I did not get to ride yesterday, but Val got turned out after the rain stopped and promptly rolled in the mud! That's my boy ;) He actually had pep in his step; he almost trotted away from me. I can always measure his energy level by what he does when I take off the halter. Usually, he just walks away.

About a week ago, I hopped on bareback in the evening, so it was kind of cool out and he kept asking, "Run Buck Play?!" and after I said no several times, he quit asking. Thank goodness he usually asks! After I got off, I turned him out and he trotted away, rolled in the dirt, then he thought really, really hard about bucking/rearing right then. However, he realized he needed to shake off the dirt first, so he did, then he reared once, bucked exactly twice, then came trotting back up to the gate! Is that really all you had in you, silly boy? I love watching him rear; he is incredibly balanced up there. I certainly don't want to encourage him to do it when he's near me or I'm on him, but if he does it voluntarily, it's beautiful to watch.

Here's hoping I can finish my homework today and ride!

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  1. Sunshowers! Lucky y'all are actually getting rain heehee! Lake Travis (hoooooge central Texas lake) closed the last remaining open dock last week. There's over two hundred on that lake. Not like I go boating or anything. But it's still kind of scareeee!

    What a ham! How cute! When I hop up on Greta bareback, she likes to take me to her favorite shady spot under the mesquite trees, and I have to lean forward so I don't get a face full of thorns, and then she thinks "oooh, you want me to go fast?" and I say "oooh, no! not yet!"

    Hopefully Greta will reason with my not being out there every second of the day when school starts. Bre's gotta work too!