Friday, October 9, 2009

Riding Tomorrow; Pictures

For the first time since... I think the Sunday before last? E-gads, how terrible! We were out of town last weekend, though, which makes me feel slightly better.

I think my instructor wants me to have a lesson this weekend, but I'm thinking it might not be so successful, since I haven't ridden since the last one. That would not be fun!

Anyhow, some more pictures, just for the heck of it:
I like this dressage picture. Not behind the vertical, not awful position for me, Val tracking up as much as he ever does...
Good boy!
We have the same expression! I've heard of people who look like their dogs; what about people who look like their horses?


  1. Love 'em! The first pic you guys look splendiferous. Your legs are straight, he's just in front of the vertical (which is more comfortable) and he looks very focused on his work. Such a beautiful boy!

    Gretavinna and I finally start lessons Thursday. So excited!

  2. Thank you :) I'm fortunate that Val doesn't really have a tendency to dip behind the vertical. Every once in awhile if I get too strong in my hands with not enough leg, but not very often!

    Yay! Hope you have a really great lesson :)