Monday, November 23, 2009

Nate Chambers and Rolling Stone II

I have been huge fans of these guys ever since the AECs. I watched the upper level dressage tests, and so many of those horses were significantly behind the vertical for large portions of the test... but not this pair!

They are a stunning team, and I will always be a fan in the future :)


  1. I love his sideburns. And his horse. And his voice. How old is he? lol They look so sharp in that picture.

    He is such a good rider! He's not rocking back and forth in the seat even going up and down and he's not grabby with the reins and his hands seem soft and they stay so still! I haven't even seen a lot of Rolex riders do that! Has he competed in Rolex?

    A fav eventing pair of mine is Gina Miles and MacKinleigh. Her dressage is beautiful (she doesn't bounce all over the place at the trot lol) she would do well in just dressage I think haha. And she does really nicely jumping too, she's not grabby and rocking back and forth either.

    The least favorite eventing pair of mine is me and Greta. We can't jump for beans lmao!

  2. I honestly don't know. I didn't even know of him until the AEC's. He may have, but I can't find any evidence of him competing at Rolex; although that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't.

    I love Gina Miles too! She's great. I love that one ad of her that shows up in lots of horse magazines...

    Ha ha, I'm sure you and Greta would get better at jumping if you tried it... ;)

  3. You guys are too kind haha. Thanks for the support!
    All the best,
    Nate & Rolly