Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End is Near!

Finally, after a very, very long run of very, very cold temperatures... we're going to have a full week with highs above 30 degrees! I'm completely ecstatic to get back on Val tomorrow and start up with dressage again. I feel like shouting huzzah and dancing around in the streets, I'm so happy!

We should get in a solid week of work on our dressage, and then we'll probably have a lesson on Saturday. For the first ride back, I want to keep it simple and just work on our basics, making sure that we have forward and that he's really connected to the bit.

And you know, I did have plans to go on a snowy trail ride, but I couldn't get out when the snow was still fresh and fluffy. It was so deep by the time we came back from visiting family and there was a crust on the top, so our wonderful snow-trail ride plans were put on the back-burner. We'll have to hold on to hope for a nice, light, 3" of snow that we can go exploring in.

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