Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lost Week

Well, crap. I didn't get to ride this weekly hardly at all! Monday-Thursday was pure craziness, then Friday I longed him over some jumps at the request of my trainer and couldn't ride as long as I wanted to. Today, I went out to go ride and not a soul was there! I'm not a huge fan of riding completely alone when it's this cold; so I cleaned my stall in the hopes that someone would show up. No, of course not. That would just be too easy ;) So I came home. I will definitely ride tomorrow, but this week just feels like it's been a gigantic waste. I'm beginning to realize that our first event is in not very far away... just the 3 weekend in May! The first XC schooling we'll try to go to is in March. I'm getting very excited, but I'm feeling a little unprepared.

Here's hoping next week goes more according to plan.


  1. Ooooo where are you gonna go XC schooling? (Jealous that it'll be in March... pretty sure that it'll still be frozen here, not that Gogo will be ready) It never got about 6 degrees today.... not sure I've properly thawed yet really! And it's so cold our pipes froze and we have no water for a hot shower either!

    What's the first show of the season?

  2. Agreed on the jealousy! I'm not jealous of your super-cold, but we don't get to go schooling until April at the earliest usually...a lot of times May.

    Still, even if we have to deal with sogginess, I'm glad I live in the temperate valley ;)

  3. We usually have pretty brisk Marchs, with highs in the 40s and 50s, but it's usually dry enough to get out there. Sometimes we get rained out, though. Our first show is going to be Longview on May 15th. That's so soon!

    I hope you get warm water back soon! That must be terrible.

    It has been really cold here for winter! We usually have mild ones, as winters go, but we're entering into another spurt of very cold weather. :( I'm ready for spring, that's for sure!

  4. I hear you on the not-riding-alone thing. It took me several weeks to be ok with riding alone in the indoor, because no one would see me if I was lying bleeding on the ground... But it's soooo nice to not have to share...