Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I honest to goodness feel like I'm being driven a little crazy. We have had some ridiculously cold weather here- the highs have been below twenty for a very long time now, and the temperatures have been too cold to ride. We've had well over 8" of snow and there are some drifts out at the barn that are at least 18"-24" tall! Even if the temperature does poke its nose above 20, the windchill gladly brings it back down to ridiculous.

The poor horses are going stir-crazy locked in their stalls, and I'm going crazy from being home from school for the past forever without the ability to ride! I love snow, but it's keeping me from the one activity I truly love to do.

To top it off, I keep day-dreaming about going to an event and doing cross country again. I can't get the idea of galloping out of that start box, cool, calm, and assured, out of my head. I can't wait until that moment. I hate that my last cross country round was so terrible, and I just feel like I need to get out there and rectify that.

So, I'm going crazy all around. Just for a weather update, if you're curious:
We're getting another 4-6" of snow tonight. The temperature tomorrow will be around 22. It'll be below 10 on Thursday with a low of -15 and the HIGH will be 0 on Friday, with a low of -12. The wind chill on Friday? -35 degrees! I don't even think I can comprehend how that is going to feel. Luckily, that's shavings day, so I'll have plenty of time traipsing around the barn to truly grasp it.

When the moisture in your nostrils freezes and you're reluctant to breathe in the air, you know it's cold.

Rant over. On the plus side, it might be above freezing on Sunday! All the snow might melt, and I might finally be able to ride again. Fingers crossed!

I am incredibly envious of anyone that's able to ride right now. Enjoy it, you lucky ducks! :)


  1. Hi there! I found your blog through someone else's - Andrea, I think. I'm looking forward to reading about you guys when you ARE able to ride :)

    I am such a wimp about cold. We get pretty mild winters here and if it's down in the 20s I pretty much give up...it's just too cold! But we only get that weather a week or two a year, so it's not bad. Hope things warm up for you soon.

  2. This is really unusual weather for us! We had a blizzard over Christmas and the weather's just been freakishly cold since. Our usual highs at this time of years are in the 30s!

    Thanks for the warm wishes (literally!) and thanks for coming to check us out :)